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I've been prone to cold sores all my life, so I wasn't surprised when wedding stress brought one on just three days before my big day. SORLEX started working immediately, and within days the cold sore was gone. It honestly saved my wedding day -- my only regret is not having more SORLEX on hand sooner.

Krista D., TORONTO

I have one patient who was suffering from routine cold sore outbreaks every month. Since instituting SORLEX as a preventative treatment they've had no outbreaks for the past 8 months.

Dr. Dina E. Naturopathic Doctor, OAKVILLE

A friend recommended SORLEX and I was shocked by how well it worked. I have tried Rx creams and always carried a tube of Abreva in my wallet. A cold sore would last a minimum of 7 days and have been so bad at times that my lips are scarred. Now, I simply use SORLEX when I feel the tingle and a blister doesn't even appear! I swear by it and ensure that I always have some on hand. 



Licensed and approved by Health Canada

SORLEX is a homeopathic medicine that acts quickly to relieve itching, burning and tingling caused by cold sores.

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Designed for your body’s immune system

In some patients, SORLEX can prevent cold sores from occurring (some naturopathic doctors recommend this). In others, SORLEX may stop the progression of the cold sore or skip stages such as blistering, weeping etc. In others, it helps decrease the pain and tingling, whereas others may just go through the cold sore stages much more quickly. We are all individuals and as such, we will have individual results!

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Designed and Trusted by Naturopathic Doctors

“After the overwhelmingly positive feedback from repeat customers and other naturopathic doctors, I felt compelled to bring SORLEX to market, giving cold sore sufferers more hope by providing a powerful natural medicine they can rely on" - Dr. David Miller ND, Designer and Developer

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