• • SORLEX is a 100% natural remedy.
  • • SORLEX was developed by a naturopathic doctor and has been confirmed in clinical practice (by other naturopathic doctors).
  • • SORLEX is 100% safe to use on its own or with other medications.
  • • SORLEX acts quickly to decrease the pain, and expedite the recovery time of a cold sore.
  • • SORLEX can prevent a cold sore from occurring in some instances if taken at the time of "the tingle".
  • • SORLEX is a mess-free solution that doesn't draw attention to the site of the cold sore.
  • • SORLEX stimulates the body's healing capacity from the inside out.
  • • SORLEX has several unique active ingredients unavailable in competing treatment options. 


  • • SORLEX is a 100% natural remedy.
  • • SORLEX was developed by a naturopathic doctor and has been confirmed in clinical practice (by other naturopathic doctors).
  • • SORLEX is 100% safe to use on its own or with other medication.
  • • SORLEX acts quickly to decrease the pain, and expedite the recovery time of a cold sore.
  • • When taken early enough, SORLEX can often prevent a cold sore from appearing.



In an effort to find a more urgent and effective approach to treating the highly visible and painful cold sore lesions he suffered at a young age, David Miller went looking for a remedy.

Desperate for a solution during every outbreak, he tried everything. He found the glistening, oily products available to be ineffective. Worse, they drew further unwanted attention to the site of the cold sore.

15 years later, David Miller is now a naturopathic doctor and has developed an effective cold sore remedy, licensed by Health Canada. Dr. Miller's treatment relieves cold sore symptoms such as itching, burning and tingling. It has proved effective over and over again, first with his friends and family, and then with his delighted patients. He found that when the medicine was taken at the first tingle of a cold sore, it could sometimes stop a lesion from ever occurring. 

Further research into the active ingredients made it possible to identify the particularly effective plant families, culminating with SORLEX, the final product now brought to market. It continually provides lasting positive results for users, and relieves sufferers from the negative effects of cold sores.



Herpes Labialis – commonly know as cold sores – are painful, ulcerating lesions that effect the oral, labial (lips), oropharyngeal (mouth and throat), and ocular areas of the face, as well as the gums. Sometimes known as fever blisters, they are caused by an infection of the herpes simplex 1 virus (HSV-1), spread by direct contact between the mucosal membranes of the lips, mouth, and saliva of the infected.

Initial infections occur most often in childhood, appearing 2-20 days after contact with the carrier, usually resulting in lymphatic swelling in the jaw and neck area. After the initial infection has cleared the virus remains latent (symptomless) in a nerve cluster until reactivated, and moves to the outer layers of the skin along the nerve.

Secondary infections (recurring after the primary infection clears) produce prodromal symptoms (preceding the lesion) like pain, burning, itching, and tingling 60% of the time.

Over 136 million people in the United States get cold sores. 46% can recall having at least one cold sore, with 28% of the population reporting more than one outbreak a year. With the severity correlated to the frequency of cold sores, 25% of the population get them in one area, 14% of them get them in two areas, and 14% report getting them at 3 or more sites. Only 7% ever "grow out" of cold sores.

What are the Triggers for Cold Sores?

Cold sores can appear at any time. Secondary and recurring infections can be caused by:


Larry P.Hanover, ON

WOW! This stuff really works! I took the prescribed amount at "the tingle" and sure enough the cold sore never developed any further!

Dr. Maureen Macdonald, N.D.Ottawa, ON

I have given SORLEX to three patients. Each gave me feedback. Two were able to take it in the prodromal phase, with both saying it stopped the further development of their cold sores. The other took it after the cold sore erupted, saying the healing was much quicker, by a week.

Dr. Kristina V., N.D.London, ON

I tried SORLEX for my upper lip when I felt tingling – always a sign of an upcoming cold sore. With one dose, the tingling subsided for a few hours, it came back, then I took a second dose. Since the tingling went away it has not come back. Definitely going to keep this in my purse at all times. What a great combination homeopathic!

Dale M.Whistler, BC

For all cold sore sufferers: I've been getting cold sores since high school. I'm now 32. A loyal Valtrex user for about 10 years, I was recently introduced to SORLEX by a friend. A few weeks ago I felt the tingle, and immediately reached for Valtrex, but remembered my SORLEX and gave it a try. I took three doses at first tingle, then three more four hours later, and it really worked!

If you get cold sores, give this a try. It worked for me. I'm putting Valtrex in the past, thank you SORLEX!

Gary M.Waterloo, ON

I received my order of Sorlex just before Christmas. Since that time I have two occasions to use the product. It worked better than I had expected. Specifically this past week I felt the "tingle" at work on Friday, so when I got home on Friday night I began taking Sorlex. By Sunday mid-day, the "tingle" was gone and the sore was no longer visible.

Sue and Jim C.Ottawa, ON

My son used the treatment as soon as he felt the tingling, and it disappeared before becoming a blister or scab within a day or two. He has never had these results with anything he tried before. With some success using Viractin, it still usually takes at least a week to dry up and scab over before going away. He will definitely be using it again. Thanks for the sample. We will be purchasing this product!

Renee L.St. Clemens, ON

I picked up a bottle of your cold sore remedy when I had a cold sore. On March 1st I took a total of 4 pills. I woke up the next morning with minimal crusting and my bleeding had stopped. On March 2nd I took 4 pills, on March 3rd 3 pills, and on March 4th 2 more. By then, the cold sore was completely gone. It was still red, while the skin regenerated, but it was wonderful. You're really onto something!

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